Buy America 101

Recorded On: 06/16/2021

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Join us for a whirlwind overview of the Federal Transit Administration Buy America program, from construction projects, through manufactured products, to the unique FTA approach to measuring US content of rolling stock.  This session will provide a high level review of the program, key knowledge necessary for issue identification, and the research tools needed to solve Buy America issues.


  • Natalie E. Cornell, Member, APTA Board of Directors; Chair, Business Member Procurement Committee; Vice President of Business Development, LTK Engineering Services, Ambler, PA
  • James P. LaRusch, Secretary, Standards Development Oversight Council; Vice Chair, Business Member Programs Committee; Corporate Counsel, Raul V. Bravo + Associates, Inc., Reston, VA

NOTE:  CLEs are not available on the recording.

This session is part of the full Legal Affairs Virtual Mini Seminar - June 2021 available in APTAU Learning.


Buy America 101
Recorded 06/16/2021
Recorded 06/16/2021