Closing General Session: Building Transit Ridership While Addressing Community Workforce Housing Needs

Recorded On: 06/14/2023

Among the highest priorities for the transit community are ways for boosting ridership, promoting equity across racial and economic lines, and providing easy access to quality transit connecting workers with job opportunities. Transit agencies are partnering with private sector entities to address each of these issues as they deliver affordable housing and transit-oriented communities. Panelists will provide examples of location decisions and how they support these and other broader community goals.


  • Kammy Horne, Chair, Committee on Planning and Program Development, APTA; and Senior Vice President of Development and Planning, VIA Metropolitan Transit


  • Jessica Mefford-Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Valley Metro
  • Stephen Bland, Chief Executive Officer, WeGo Public Transit
  • Donald Billen, Executive Director - Planning, Enviornment & Project Development Department, Sound Transit
  • Senthil Sankaran, Director for Amazon in the Community, Amazon


  • India Birdsong Terry, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Closing Remarks:

  • Paul P. Skoutelas, President and CEO, American Public Transportation Association


Building Transit Ridership While Addressing Community Workforce Housing Needs
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