How to Onboard, Train, and Retain Workers: Strategies That Make Employees Better—and Help Them Stay Longer

The worker shortage has long been a serious problem in the transit industry, and the crisis has only worsened in recent years. An October 2022 survey conducted by APTA revealed that 96% of transit agencies of all sizes are experiencing workforce challenges—and 84% said these shortages are impacting their ability to provide service. 

Building a new generation of the transit workforce requires new models, new partnerships, new toolkits, and new approaches. To that end, in 2021 APTA published its comprehensive Transit Workforce Readiness Guide, designed to build on industry knowledge and best practices for attracting, educating, and retaining workers. It contains a wealth of information, case studies, and sample documents compiled from interviews with 35 transit agencies, academic institutions, private sector companies, and other transit partners.


Onboard, Train, and Retain Workers
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