Internal Change Management for Zero Emissions Transition (ELP)

Includes a Live Web Event on 04/13/2023 at 12:00 PM (EDT)

Investment is strong for Zero-Emissions Transition at U.S. Public Transit Agencies, but is the Zero-Emissions Transition planning and implementation process as robust? While there is a lot of energy going into the Zero-Emissions Transition, agencies across the country are at various stages in their Zero-Emissions journey. Some have experience and lessons learned from having a fleet of zero-emissions buses (ZEB), some have recently introduced their first round of zero-emissions vehicles, and others are still learning how to best begin the transition. The three categories that have been identified are listed below:

  • New to ZEB
  • ZEB transition has begun
  • On-track for all ZEB between 2030-2040

 All agencies are planning for an uncertain future in this evolving space. Through an interview-based approach with individuals leading the charge for zero-emissions transition at agencies across the country, we will gather insights from agencies in all phases of the zero-emissions transition to better understand what is working well as well as where they are facing roadblocks. The interviews will be supplemented with a review of transition plans to identify solutions, ideas, and needs for agencies at various stages in the zero-emissions transition.


  • Siena Guerrazzi, Swiftly, Inc.
  • Roger Johnson, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
  • Kate-Dysan Masinsin, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
  • Megan Yuill, Salt Lake City


Internal Change Management for Zero Emissions Transition
04/13/2023 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  50 minutes
04/13/2023 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  50 minutes