Transit Workforce Readiness Guide


The online “Transit Workforce Readiness Guide” was produced under the leadership of Ms. Adelee Le Grand, Chair, Workforce Readiness Task Force and Ms. Tamika White, Vice Chair, who led a team of industry leaders contributing to the success of this project. This project was one of the key initiatives of former APTA Chair Nuria I. Fernandez.

The online Executive Summary report provides executive leaders with a summary of key findings, recommendations, and examples showcased in the full version of the Guide.

The Guide offers details and examples of a five-step approach to help you create an outreach program for high school students. These include:

  • Identify needs and opportunities
  • Form outreach partnerships
  • Develop and implement programs
  • Close the loop with entry-level jobs
  • Evaluate hiring, onboarding and retention practices

In addition, the Guide:

  • Showcases 35 case studies whose programs and resources target high school students, especially those coming from underserved communities.
  • Includes access to over 150 sample materials addressing: industry awareness and education; apprenticeships and internships; entry-level jobs, recruitment, and training.


Executive Summary
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Workforce Readiness Guide
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